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You need your MAT, a good internet connection and a good vibe.

Body Love 1.0

BODY LOVE is the ultimate fusion program that combines yoga, pilates, barre and strength low impact training for building a body that you will love even more.
Folowing Joseph Pilates contrology, my method combines traditional and contemporary mat Pilates plus equipment-based workout. We train and strenghten our deep core muscles, using special breathing technique, working out the major muscles involved in sustaining the spine, using functional movement and traditional Pilates exercises for a hollistic approach of the body.

Body LOVE 2.0

We take the training to the next level and add extra weight and intensity for a deeper body shape. Suitable for intermediate level after completing Body Love 1.0

Body Love 3.0

We take the workout to the advanced level with Body Love 3.0, using props, free weights, body weight, dumbells and kettlebells for a fusion workout that will give you that extra sweat and happiness that you need for your summer body.
It is everything that you need after completing Body Love 1.0 and Body Love 2.0.

Body Espresso

A short but deep workout program that focuses on creating the perfect balance between definition of abdominal corset muscles and a strong support of muscles for the spine. We include our Gluteus, Hips and Legs as an important part of the Core zone. You can call it either Beach Body training program or Power House building, it’s up to your favorite goal.

Yoga Art

We celebrate the Beauty of Life through meditation and awareness, we connect our bodies to the Universe through our personal intention, we get the energy circulating through dynamic flows, we calm down through Pranayama techniques, we open our chakras and awaken our Higher Self. We allign our Soul, Body and Mind for the final Happiness state. We are Here and Now.

Body Fit

Is a program designed as a perfect mix between yoga,pilates, martial arts, small weight protocol, that gives you everything you need to create your perfect balance between strenght, grace, coordination and flexibility building a strong core and fluid body. Within each session we train the entire body, gentle but strong deepening mind-body connection. At the end we feel great and look great.

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