Sport is happiness

I hated sport when I was a child, I always preferred to do something else than sweating and moving around in a perfect non-sense.

Around 13 years ago, I changed my mind and tasted the other part of the apple, becoming a sport fanatic. That means that every occasion of doing exercises was a joy and brought a lot of happiness to my life.

At first , I started to see the results on my body, but I discovered soon that the physical activity also raised my endorphins and made me happy &addicted of the positive energy.

Since then , sport became a normal part of my life, and, as I like to say, it has the same importance as eating and hydrating.

If we eat every day, why wouldn’t we exercise every day?

Our body is used to move, our muscles need a continuous challenge to grow and keep a lean figure. Our organism is made for walking, running and..sweating. It has everything it needs for performance and can do miracles.

Exercising more times per week or even daily in a moderate way,  is developing and freeing happiness hormones. This gives us a longer and healthier life. Trust my word on this..and dozens of years of study and researches.

I tried many trainings and sports: running, cycling, TRX, cross-fit, yoga, pilates, interval, HIIT (high intensity interval training), aerobic, weightlifting, even pole-dance and many more and I try to change periodically the way I train.

My conclusion is that there is no recipe for success but moderation and change is the key, you will get the result you wish, by trying everything and never losing an occasion to move . Even if that means just walking for 30 minutes or a good stretching session at the office for the lunch break.

If you train 2-3 times per week for maximum 60 minutes your body will be grateful for this. And you will be thankful for the flexibility you gain over the sessions and for the young figure you get.

Sport is happiness.



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